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At KOMEN LAW, I am here to provide you with expert counsel and representation in getting through the probate process, in estate planning, real estate, judgment collections, and other matters. I understand the importance of securing your assets and ensuring your wishes are honored when the time comes. With decades of experience, I serve clients in the St. Louis area and surrounding counties, offering personalized solutions tailored to your unique needs.

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Probate Administration: I am regularly appointed by Judges, other lawyers, and clients to take over the management of a decedent’s estate through the probate process. I manage these projects promptly and efficiently to investigate the location of all assets, ensure their collection, account for them, and finally have them distributed under the terms of the Will, or in compliance with the law in the absence of a Will.

When no one in the family is financially qualified to post a bond or available to manage the estate, I have always been available and qualified to be appointed by the court.

Estate Planning: Regardless of the size of your assets, having a Will, Medical Durable Power of Attorney, and often a Trust is essential. I will guide you through the estate planning process, protecting your assets in the event of disability during your lifetime, and later, ensuring your assets are managed responsibly and distributed according to your wishes.

Real Estate Services: If you're dealing with real estate matters, I've got you covered. Whether helping with a sale or preparing contracts and documents, I have decades of experience in protecting your interests and rights.

Commercial Judgment Collections and Asset Investigations: If you have obtained a favorable judgment but struggle to collect it, my investigative and procedural tools can assist in attaching available assets for recovery.

Too often an attorney will obtain a judgment against a company but not have the tools and experience to actually obtain payment. This is where this office comes in specializing in collecting commercial claims after judgment is obtained.

Business Representation: As a business owner, your primary function is to create income and not manage legal issues. With years of experience in creating corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships, and helping sole owners avoid legal pitfalls, I can be your legal back-up, from the inception of the business to ultimately selling it and walking away.

I can help create and maintain the entity and handle all organizational documents, agreements between owners, and ultimately all contracts leading towards negotiation and sale of the business and its real estate.

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With over 45 years in practice, I can provide cost-effective and diligent legal services.

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Your legal matters are highly personal, and I give each client the utmost attention to help you make informed decisions.

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My focus is on finding solutions outside the courtroom to resolve your issues effectively.

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For your estate planning, business planning, probate questions, judgment collections, or any legal matter, schedule a consultation with a phone call or email. I look forward to assisting you in managing your legal affairs with expertise and care.

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