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Missouri Requests For Notice of Sale (foreclosures)

In general, the holder of a previously recorded Deed of Trust is not required to give notice to anyone else who has a Deed of Trust against the same real estate unless a form of Request for Notice of Sale has been recorded at least 45 days earlier, 

Therefore, if you have a second lien or a judgment lien and the Request For Notice of Sale is not recorded, it is possible for the holder of a prior Deed of Trust to foreclose upon the property without giving you notice.  This would mean you would lose the ability to protect your interest at or prior to the foreclosure sale. Even if you get notice, you must be prepared to pay off the liens or deeds of trust ahead of you; otherwise your “subordinate” deed of trust can become worthless. 

Missouri Section 443.325 requires this specific form to be recorded:

In accordance with RSMo. 443.325, request is hereby made that Notice be given of any sale under the Deed of Trust recorded ___________, in Book ______ Page ____ of the records of the Recorder of Deeds of ______County, Missouri, the legal description of the property being: 

[legal description]  

in _____ County, Missouri, executed by _____________________, as Grantors, in which __________________ is named as beneficiary and __________________, as Trustee, be mailed to :




[followed by acknowledgment, in form required in a deed]


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